Integrated Pest Management Web Sites

The following is a brief listing of university and government Web sites on biological control and integrated pest management:

APHIS National Biological Control Institute (NBCI) USDA Animal and Plant Health Service

APHIS Plant Protection Centers USDA Animal and Plant Health Service

Cornell's Biological Control Home Page Cornell University

North Carolina's National IPM Network (North Carolina State University)

Purdue's Biological Control Laboratory University of Purdue Cooperative Extension

University of California IPM Home Page University of California at Davis

If you are in the market for beneficial insects, check your local hydroponics retailer, garden center or by clicking on the environmental menu tab.

Hydroponics Pest ImagesHydroponics Pest ImagesSticky Cards Control Whitefly

Simple sticky cards like the one shown here (blue for thrips, yellow for whiteflies) allow the grower to keep small populations under control and determine at a glance how bad an infestation is.

Ladybugs (above) and the Praying Mantis (top) are welcome sights in any garden since they have a voracious appetite for most garden pests!

Hydroponic Vertical Pipe

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