Ein Gedi System

First developed in Ein Gedi Israel, hence the name, the Ein Gedi System (EGS) introduced a revolutionary new method to hydroponics. The system is comprised of fully enclosed rectangular growth chambers. Inside each container, nutrient solution is circulated 1-6 inches below evenly spaced mesh baskets that contain the plants. The air gap between the baskets and the solution is misted by sprayers residing along the upper inside edge of the chamber. Roots growing into the mist zone are subjected to intense oxygenation, resulting in vigorous development. Once the roots grow through the mist zone, they are greeted by a circulating bath of oxygenated nutrient solution that eliminates the problem of stagnation commonly associated with NFT. The EGS provides a quick and efficient method for developing seedlings and cuttings into large, healthy plants. The PVC systems I'll show you how to build later use this technique.

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