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One of my readers informed me of a simple way to create and distribute CO2 indoors using a few inexpensive parts. You'll need a one gallon milk jug, a pound of sugar, enough water to dissolve the sugar, a packet of yeast, and some tubing. Begin by drilling a small tight hole in the cap of your one gallon jug, then pass a length of 1/4" air tubing through it just enough so that it hangs inside the bottle. The other end should be placed near your plants, preferably behind a fan that will evenly distribute the CO2 throughout your garden area. Fill your container with one pound of sugar, add warm water and stir until completely dissolved (make sure you leave an air space at the top of the container so the tubing doesn't go under water) Add the packet of yeast, replace the cap and stir. CO2 will be released gradually as the yeast begins to digest the sugar. Recharge your "CO2 Generator" with fresh water, sugar and yeast once per week.

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