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At the Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL) at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Dr. Carl Hodges and Dr. Merle Jensen, in conjunction with Walt Disney Productions, have developed new concepts for presenting hydroponic technologies to the public as entertainment to enhance learning. The ERL helped create "Listen to The Land" and "Tomorrow's Harvest," which are now major facilities at Epcot Center near Orlando, Florida. While many currently believe the practice of hydroponics is "futuristic," as we have seen, the way of the future has been through a long history that can be traced back to man's first attempts at agriculture. Another point worth mentioning is that while the term "hydroponics" describes the specific method of cultivating plants in water, more often the term is being used to describe a mindset whereby all aspects of the cultivation process are carefully monitored and adjusted to provide the optimum growing environment. With its extensive scientific resources, there is no better organization than NASA to provide us with a glimpse of what is possible when an ideal environment can be created for growing plants.

Hydroponics Disney Misting
Aeroponically grown squash plants at Disney's Epcot Center hang from an overhead cable that transports them through a misting chamber where their roots receive the nutrient solution.

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