\ method of growing plants which has recently been introduced to Britain, although it has been in use for some years in Europe, is a form of hydroponics that is, growing plants in water instead of compost, with liquid fertilizer supplied regularly. Although initially more expensive to buy, the plants are more likely to grow well, and are less troublesome to look after.

Two containers are required: one in which clay granules are placed through which the roots penetrate and which help to support the plant, taking the place of the compost and a lower one m which the nutrient-containing water is placed. The roots grow down to this solution, and feed and drink from it. It has to be topped up occasionally, and replaced completely every few months. There is an indicator to show the need for more solution.

Planis can lie bought already growing in these con tainers, or vou can buv the containers on their own, with instructions on how to convert vour own plants to them. Not all plants are suitahle, though fortunately many housepiants seem to be, especially the aroid family, which includes such plants as philodefldrons and monstera.

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