Warm water treatment

This method is used for pests such as stem and bulb nematodes in narcissus bulbs. Immersion of bulbs for 2 hours at 44°C controls the pest without seriously affecting bulb tissues. Chrysanthemum stools and strawberry runners may be similarly treated, using temperature and time combinations favourable to each crop. Viruses (such as aspermy virus on chrysanthemum) are more difficult to control, since viruses are more intimately associated with the plant nuclei. Virus concentrations may be greatly reduced in meristems of stock plants grown at temperatures of 40°C for about a month. This has enabled the production of tissue-cultured disease-free stock material of both edible and non-edible crops (see tissue culture, p177).

Flame throwers are used for the control of weeds when other methods, such as cultivation, hand-weeding or herbicidal control are not considered suitable.

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