Pheremone traps containing a specific synthetic chemical similar to the attractant odour of a female moth are used in apple orchards to lure male codling and tortrix moths onto a sticky surface, thus enabling an accurate assessment of their numbers and therefore more effective control. Comparable traps are available against plum moth and pea moth.

A rodent trap is available that entices the rat or mouse into a container with suitable bait and then the pest is killed humanely with a high voltage charge.

Allotment owners sometimes use containers such as plastic milk bottles or jam jars sunk into the ground that when part-filled with beer, attract slugs. Between two rows of tomatoes, a 'sacrificial' row of lettuce can be grown to attract slugs (see Figure 16.2), which can then be controlled in a trap (see Figure 16.2).

How Protect Tomatoes From Birds
Figure 16.2 (a) Horticultural fleece used to protect from pests (b) Plastic guard used against rabbits and deer (c) Lettuce planted to attract slugs away from tomatoes (d) Slug trap that avoids bird-poisoning

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