Safe practice

In chemical control, the hazards are:

  • possible acute poisoning of humans, pets, farm animals, bees, and wild animals;
  • possible accumulation of pesticides that lead to toxic levels in humans, pets, farm animals, bees and wild animals;
  • possible cancer inducing effects in humans;
  • possible damage to cultivated and wild plants especially by herbicides;
  • possible contamination of streams and dams;
  • possible development of strains of rodents, insects, mites, and fungi, resistant to pesticides.

When using chemical control, risks can be minimized by:

  • restricting chemical applications to only those situations that justify such a control measure. In many instances, other controls measures may be preferable and less hazardous;
  • carefully choosing the least hazardous chemical to effectively control the problem organism;
  • carefully reading the instructions on the product label;
  • carefully choosing the correct clothing, where necessary;
  • carefully measuring the correct amount of concentrate water (where relevant);
  • calculating (where appropriate) the amount of pesticide and water necessary for application to the crop area in question;
  • carefully mixing the two, avoiding spillage on to skin, clothing and the surrounding area;
  • carefully applying the product so that the same area is not covered more than once, at any one time;
  • carefully applying the product under suitable dry, wind-free weather conditions;
  • carefully applying the product so that other humans, beneficial animals, waterways and adjacent plantings are avoided;
  • carefully avoiding spray drift, especially with herbicides;
  • carefully storing pesticides in a secure, safe, dry place away from children and pets.

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