Reversion disease on blackcurrants

Damage. This virus disease, caused by blackcurrant reversion virus can seriously reduce blackcurrant yields. Flower buds on infected bushes are almost hairless and appear brighter in colour than healthy buds. Infected leaves often have fewer main veins than healthy ones (see Figure 15.21). After several years of infection, the bush may cease to produce fruit.

Life cycle and spread. The virus is spread by the blackcurrant gall mite, and reversion infected plants are particularly susceptible to attack by this pest.

Control. Removal and burning of infected plants is an important form of control. Use of certified plant material, raised in areas away from infection and vectors, is strongly recommended. Control of the mite vector in spring and early summer has already been described on p225.

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  • Larissa
    What causes reversion in blackcurrants?
    1 year ago
  • Bailey
    Can my blackcurrants overcome reversion disease?
    11 months ago

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