Moths and butterflies

This group of insects belongs to the large grouping, the Endopterygota (see p205) which has different life cycle details from the aphid group. The order (Lepidoptera) characteristically contains adults with four large wings and curled feeding tubes. The larva (caterpillar), with six small legs and eight false legs, is modified for a leaf-eating habit (see Figures 14.6 and 14.7). Some species are specialized for feeding inside fruit (codling moth on apple, see Figure 14.15), underground (cutworms), inside leaves (oak leaf miner), or inside stems (leopard moth). The gardener may find large webbed caterpillar colonies of the lackey moth (Malacosoma neustria) on fruit trees and hawthorns, or the juniper webber (Dichomeris marginella) causing webs and defoliating junipers.

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