Colour in flowers

The use of different flower colours in the garden has been the subject of much discussion in Britain over the last three hundred years. Many books have been written on the subject, and authorities on the subject will disagree about what combination of plants creates an impressive border. Some combinations are mentioned here, and Figure 5.10 illustrates one example of the harmony created by blue flowers placed next to yellow ones. Other combinations such as blue and white, e.g. Ceanothus 'Blue Mound' and Clematis montana, yellow and red, e.g. Euphorbia polychroma and Geum rivale, yellow and white, e.g. Verbascum nigrum and Tanacetum parthenium, purple and pale yellow, e.g. Salvia x superba and Achillea 'Lucky Break', red and lavender, e.g. Rosa gallica and Clematis integrifolia.

Rosa Gallica Blue
Figure 5.10 Flower border showing the use of flower colour: light blue flowers of Brunnera macrophylla contrast with yellow of Asphodeline lutea and dark blue flowered Anchusa azurea

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