Soil water


This chapter includes the following topics:

with additional information on the following:

• Thewettingofadrysoil

• Rainfall

• Saturation point

• Watertables

• Field capacity

• Soil consistency

• Symptomsofpoordrainage

• Soil moisture deficit

• Drainageofsoil

• Water quality

• Thedryingofawetsoil

• Water conservation

• Permanentwiltingpoint

• Irrigation

Figure 19.1 Drainage pipes. Modern clay pipes shown in the centre are butted up close together. An older method is shown below it and modern plastic piping is shown above. In the top left is a view of the modern clay pipe alongside the old 'horse shoe' tile (it would have sat on a

'mug plate' to prevent moving water washing away soil) and at the bottom are smaller examples of this type of old pipe 337

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