A physical barrier such as a fence sunk into the ground deters rabbits and deer. Fine screens placed over ventilation fans help prevent the entry of pests, such as fungus gnats, from outside a greenhouse or mushroom house. Pots placed on small stands in water-filled trays are freed from the visitations of red spider mite and adult vine weevils. Peach leaf curl is a difficult disease to control. A plastic sheet placed over the peach or almond over winter will greatly reduce both arrival of spores and the moisture needed for infection of the buds.

Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

You Might Just End Up Spending More Time In Planning Your Greenhouse Than Your Home Don’t Blame Us If Your Wife Gets Mad. Don't Be A Conventional Greenhouse Dreamer! Come Out Of The Mould, Build Your Own And Let Your Greenhouse Give A Better Yield Than Any Other In Town! Discover How You Can Start Your Own Greenhouse With Healthier Plants… Anytime Of The Year!

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