Increasingly instrumentation is automated and, in protected culture, linked to computers programmed to maintain the desired environment by adjusting the ventilation and boiler settings. To achieve this, the computer is informed by external instruments measuring wind speed, air temperature and humidity, and internally by those measuring CO2 levels, ventilation settings, heating pipe temperature, air temperature and humidity.

Campbell Stokes
Figure 2.15 Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder

Check your learning

  1. State the methods by which heat energy moves.
  2. Explain why the British Isles is said to have a maritime climate.
  3. Calculate, using the information in Table 2.2, the date of the second sowing of a variety of peas to be harvested in June, 2 days after the first sown on March 1.
  4. Explain what is meant by a microclimate.
  5. Determine the relative humidity of a site which has been tested with a whirling hygrometer and the dry bulb reading is 15°C and the wet bulb reading is 13°C.

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