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Brester, Gary, Kole Swanser, and Tim Watts. 2002. Market Opportunities and Strategic Directions for Specialty Herbs and Essential Oil Crops in Montana. Prepared for the Montana Department of Agriculture and USDA Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program. Watts & Associates, Billings, MT. 64 p.

Coleman, Eliot. 1999. Four Season Harvest. Chelsea Green, White River Junction, VT. 234 p.

Inspired by Scott and Helen Nearing's garden in the late 1960s and based on the author's success with harvesting fresh vegetables year-round in New England, this book contains details on design, construction, and management of the outdoor garden, cold frames, tunnels, and root cellars. It includes growing tips for 50 vegetable crops, a planting schedule for extended harvests for all locations in the U.S., and sources of tools and supplies. Available for $24.95 from:

Chelsea Green Publishing P.O. Box 428

White River Junction, VT 05001 800-639-4099

Edey, Anna. 1998. Solviva: How to Grow $500,000 on One Acre and Peace on Earth. Trailblazer Press, Martha's Vineyard, MA. 230 p.

This publication features organic vegetable production in a solar greenhouse. Solviva refers to Edey's award-winning solar-powered and animal-heated greenhouse on Martha's Vineyard [unfortunately no longer in operation]. The book discusses greenhouse design, function, construction, and management. Ms. Edey includes many energy-efficient designs such as water walls and growtubes. She also tells how much everything costs, which is invaluable for market gardeners. Although her main crop was lettuce, her techniques could be applied in any greenhouse. Solviva is available for $35 (plus shipping/ handling). Order by mail or on-line from: GFM Books P.O. Box 3747 Lawrence, KS 66046 800-307-8949 www.growingformarket. com

Facciola, Stephen. 1998. Cornucopia II: A Source Book of Edible Plants. Kampong Publications, Vista, CA. 713 p.

Indispensable reference work for food plants worldwide. Includes cultivar lists. Widely available through commercial publishers and on the Internet.

Morgan, Lynette. 2002. Fresh Culinary Herb Production: A technical guide to the hydroponic and organic production of commercial fresh gourmet herb crops. Suntec, New Zealand. 132 p.

In the U.S. order Dr. Morgan's book on-line from, or call toll-free 800888-6785 or 541-757-8477. Descriptions of organic production do not necessarily conform to the Final Rule of the U.S. National Organic Program.

Nelson, Paul V. 2003. Greenhouse Operation and Management. 6th edition. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. 692 p.

Standard reference text for growers and greenhouse managers. Covers essential principles, skills, and relationships required to manage most modern greenhouses. Includes engineering, heating, cooling, and fertilization calculations.

Shores, Sandie. 2003. Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs. 2nd ed. Ball Publishing, Batavia, IL. 483 p. Excellent book on herb production, both in the greenhouse and in the field. Designed for the beginner. The chapters on specific herb crop production methods include information on greenhouse production. Widely available for $27.95. It is also available through the author's Web site, www.freshcutherbs. com, where she also answers questions from growers.

Staff. 2004. Thomas Food & Beverage Market Place. 3 vols. Grey House Publishing, Millerton, NY. 8122 p.

Compiled from two respected food industry databases, this directory provides comprehensive information on more than 40,000 companies supplying the U.S. food and beverage industry. Good for locating equipment. Available on-line (by subscription), or call ATTRA at 800-346-9140for a specific resource.

Tatum, David. 2001. Starting a Greenhouse Business. Mississippi State University Extension Service. 5 p. Estimated investment cost per sq. ft. for turn-key quonset-style greenhouse in Mississippi. Tips on retail and wholesale marketing. Reprinted in American Small Farm magazine, July 2002.

Tucker, Arthur O., and Thomas DeBaggio. 2000. The Big Book of Herbs. Interweave Press, Loveland, CO. 688 p.

A comprehensive illustrated reference to herbs of flavor and fragrance.

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