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Sandie Shores' Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs (8), based on the fresh-cut herb business she began and operated for 20 years in southern Minnesota, can serve as a manual for inexperienced greenhouse herb growers. The first part of her book deals with the business side of growing herbs and includes information on things like business laws, financing, insurance, finding markets (wholesale, restaurant, supermarket, farmers' market, etc.), managing employees, and pricing. Part Two discusses greenhouse planning and operation—including information on the various types, how to choose one, how to erect one, and what equipment will be necessary (heating, cooling, lighting, fans, benches, irrigation, etc.).

Parts Three and Four provide general information on production methods and then specific crop-by-crop information. The author also provides tips on "great growing" and postharvest and packaging information. See Further Resources for ordering this book.

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