Opportunities and challenges for Australian ginseng production have been demonstrated in forest floor gardens at Gembrook Victoria since early 1985. Since 1992 many other trials have been started in various south-eastern and southwestern locations of Australia with mixed results. Organic aged roots from Gembrook have been exported and are part of retail products for Australian sales. The most comprehensive data for current production are from Gembrook and other Victorian gardens.

Two kg of 7-year-old ginseng roots produced at Gembrook

Ginseng, known as an 'adaptogen', helps to restore the balance in the pituitary gland which, in turn, encourages the system to cure itself. Research shows that

Regions with successful trials

Panax ginseng (Asian) has a hot acid action while P. quinquefolius (American) performs in a cool or alkaline way. Generally speaking, ginseng grown on the forest floor is more medicinally potent than that from intensive field cultivation.

Recorded Australian imports of ginseng exceed 28 t/yr, with an estimated value of more than $15 million. In the last few years, diligent efforts by Australian

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