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Off-the-ground harvesters are used overseas. In 2003 companies in Israel and the United States had developed commercial harvesters. Harvesters for Australian conditions will be similar, with several prototypes based on brushing the seed into windrows and then picking it up with either a tray or vacuum being tested. After harvesting, the seed is cleaned of leaf and other debris, washed and dried, then stored until required for crushing. Crushing is carried out using standard oilseed presses. Once crushed, the oil is filtered and can be pasteurised and bleached before storing in sealed drums until required or sold.

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Peter Milthorpe is Senior Research Agronomist NSW Agriculture, at the Agricultural Research and Advisory Station, Condobolin NSW (see Key contacts for address). Over the past 25 years he has carried out extensive research into many aspects of jojoba. Varietal selection and pollination requirements have been his main areas of research followed by the development of sound management strategies. In 1993 he commenced growing jojoba on the family farm.

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