Why healthy eating?

A balanced diet provides a basis for good health and helps to protect us from serious illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancers. Healthy eating can also prevent tooth decay and weight gain. In Scotland, all of these problems are more common than in most other countries in Europe.

Various reports have highlighted the current dietary problems in Scotland. Failure to eat the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables is a major problem. Eating too many foods with a high fat content such as meat and dairy products, sweets, sugary drinks and salty snacks also has a lot to do with out present poor health record.

What can you do?

Healthy eating is about having a variety of foods. This doesn't mean that you have to completely change what you have always eaten or totally cut out the foods that you enjoy.

The main messages are to: Eat more fruit and vegetables

Eat more bread, cereals and potatoes Eat less fat, salt and sugar

The leaflet included in this pack makes healthy eating easier to understand by showing the types and proportions of foods needed to make a well balanced and healthy diet. It also gives practical suggestions on how we can adapt our diets in line with the healthy eating guidelines.

Where do herbs fit in?

Herbs play an important role in healthy eating as they can pep up your cooking and transform a simple healthy meal into a culinary delight.

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