Shallot plants (tops and bulbs) can be eaten in the green stage. At maturity, the leaves begin to yellow and die down, and the bulbs reach their maximum size. Stop irrigating, as plants should mature in dry soil. Dig the shallot plants when the tops have died and lay them out of direct sunlight (to prevent sunburn) to dry and cure for 3 to 4 weeks leaving the tops attached. Before storing, cut or remove dried tops 1/2 to 1 inch above the bulb, remove any loose dirt, and trim the roots. Do not remove any of the protective, dry skin from the dried shallot.

Use Storage Method 3. Cure shallots during a warm, dry storage period of 2 to 3 months. After that, move shallots to long-term storage. Cured shallots will store for 1 to 8 months.

Nutrition note: 1/4 cup chopped raw shallots contains 29 calories and small amounts of vitamins A (9.5% DV) and C (5.3% DV). Color = white/tan/brown.

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