Melon Crenshaw and Honeydew

Crenshaw and honeydew melons with short times to maturity are worth trying to grow in Idaho. Most can be grown in the warmer areas of the state below 2,500 feet elevation. The entire melon, including the portion resting on the ground, will change to the color characteristic of the variety (green, yellow, orange, or gold) when ripe. These melons also have a sweet aroma when they are ready to use, but the stems do not slip as they do on cantaloupe, and the melons must be cut from the plant.

Use Storage Method 2. Crenshaw will store for 2 weeks, honeydew for 3 to 4 weeks.

Nutrition note: 1 cup diced honeydew contains 248 calories and 1 gram of fiber and is an excellent source of vitamin C (70% DV). It has small amounts of vitamin A (1.4% DV), calcium (1% DV), and iron (less than 1% DV). Color = green.

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