Beans Fava or broad

Pick fava beans immature, when the pods are only 6 to 8 inches long. This is when the beans are sweetest and most tender. Shell the beans before cooking them.

To dry the beans for later use, spread mature pods in a warm, dry place until the pods and the beans are completely dry. Then hull the beans and store beans in insect-proof containers.

Use Storage Method 1 for fresh beans. Beans will store 5 to 7 days.

Use Storage Method 3 for dried beans. To protect against seed insects, place dried beans in the freezer at 0' F (or below) for 3 to 4 days before storage. Dried beans will keep well for 1 year.

Nutrition note: Dry beans fall into the meat class of food groups; 1/2 cup cooked fava beans are substantially higher in protein (6.5 grams) than the same amount of fresh beans (1 gram of protein) or other vegetables (1-2 grams of protein). 1/2 cup cooked fava beans also contains 94 calories and 5 grams of fiber and is an excellent source of folate (22% DV). Color = no category, as fava beans are considered a legume rather than a vegetable.

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