Watering a Thirsty Lawn

Watering is the most misunderstood aspect of lawn care, so pay attention, folks! Lawn grasses are not notoriously resilient or deep-rooted, so you can't neglect them in this department. Of course you have to water them often when they're first installed and are getting established — up to twice a week, depending on the type of grass and your climate. Established lawns need water whenever they get dry, which likewise depends on temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, wind, and soil type. The following sections give you some more information on how to water well.

Whenever possible, water your lawn in the morning hours, certainly before lunch. At this time, you probably have residual moisture or dew from overnight, and water soaks in better on slightly damp ground. Also, this timing gives the lawn a chance to absorb the drink in the warmth of the sunny day (a drenched lawn at night, especially a humid night, is an invitation to disease). Also — as you may remember from long-ago science class — water and sunlight work together to fuel photosynthesis and subsequent plant growth. Help your lawn do what it needs to do: grow.

Caring For Your Lawn

Caring For Your Lawn

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