Using roses as vines

Climbing roses are a great choice where you want extra color or lack space. If your garden is horizontally challenged, go up! Although you can choose from many flowering vines in the world — clematis, trumpet creeper, and honeysuckle, to name but a few — there's nothing quite like a rose to bring real lushness and bountiful color. If you choose a modern climber, the color can last most or all of the summer. Choosing a climber with fragrance can double your pleasure.

A trellis or arbor is the traditional choice as a vine support (and certainly you want a strong one — flimsy plastic is not equal to the job); use a support that's out in the open or against a wall, fence, or porch. For more information on vines and supports, flip to Chapter 12. You have other appealing options as well:

i A wire or wooden arch, standing alone or as a continuation of your garden fence i A standalone pillar or post i A teepee i A pergola (arbor)

1 The side of the porch

1 An open-design fence

1 A dead tree that's too much trouble to dig out 1 A gazebo

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