^MOO* Twining is the simplest means for a vine to climb onward and upward. In twining, a vine's stems spiral around a support on their own and are thus anchored. Interestingly, some vines prefer to ascend clockwise, others counterclockwise. You can peer closely at your vine to discover which it is. Or you can try this fun backyard experiment: Find a stray stem and wind it around the support. If it stays in place an hour or half a day later, you guessed correctly; if it stubbornly unwinds and slings itself back into the open air, you guessed wrong.

The key to a successful display is to provide ample support, or supplementary support (such as strings attached to a wooden trellis), to guide growth in the direction you want. Favorite twining vines include morning glory, star jasmine, moonflower, and wisteria.

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