Taking the Plunge Gardening with Ponds and Fish

In This Chapter

^ Deciding what kind of water garden you want ^ Choosing supplies ^ Adding some greenery ^ Working with fish ponds ^ Keeping your water garden in good shape

M Jlj ater doesn't just add life to a garden; it adds atmosphere as well. ▼ ▼ Whether you're talking about a barrel or a tub with a few plants or an in-ground, naturalistic pond, gardeners often cite water features as the elements that truly complete a garden.

Truly, water brings magic. Maybe it's the reflections of passing clouds; maybe it's the soothing sound of a trickling or splashing fountain; maybe it's your gasp of awe when your first waterlily blossom bursts open; maybe it's a child's excited shout when a dragonfly or small frog visits. The magic is all this and more. Go ahead: Read this chapter and take the plunge, because — good news — water gardening is easier and more affordable than ever before.

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