Sweet and Crunchy Growing Fruits Berries and Nuts

In This Chapter

  • Deciding what kind of fruit to grow ^ Purchasing fruit-producing plants
  • Planting fruitful trees, shrubs, berry patches, and vines ^ Providing care

S^omegrown fruit, berries, and nuts take more time and care than some V rn other kinds of gardening. Although soft fruits like strawberries, grapes, and raspberries yield delicious results within few months or less, tree fruits and nuts require more patience and can take several years to be productive. Fruits and nuts also require a different sort of preparation than trees and bushes that don't bear them. But at harvest time, the work is all worth it! In almost every region of North America, you can find a type of fruit or nut (or variety of fruit or nut) that's well-adapted and fairly easy to grow.

Note: Many gardeners collectively group fruits, berries and nuts together as a topic because the cultivating methods are similar for all of them. So for the sake of making the descriptions in this chapters simple, when I mention fruit, please keep in mind that I mean fruit, berries, and nuts unless I say otherwise. Also, all of the fruit-bearing plants in this chapter, except strawberries, are woody. Strawberries die back to the ground with only their crowns and roots that overwinter so in that way they are much like most herbaceous perennials. All the fruits in this chapter are "perennial" in that they come up every year and are winter hardy.

For now, though, let your imagination savor the aroma of sun-warmed fruit, picked fresh in your own yard. Then read on as I help you make that vision a reality.

When is a "veggie" a fruit? I guess this is a bit of garden trivia, but a "fruit" is defined as a ripened ovary. You can think of it as "pregnant flower." Using this definition, many plants that are known as veggies, like melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers, are literally fruits — even though they are technically fruits they are considered veggies by gardeners.

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