Vines in the sprawling group don't have the advantages of the others. All they really have going for them is long, pliable stems that adapt to and look good when allowed and encouraged to grow upward. Yep, encouraged. You have to help by hooking or tying them along their lengths so they can scramble in the right direction and stay on their supports.

The key to a successful display is to start tying or otherwise attaching the stems to the support early and often. Use wire, wire hooks, twist ties from the kitchen, string, twine, yarn, or rags. If you're worried about abrading the stems, opt for the softer material. Loop the tie once around the stem and once around the support instead of tying the plant and support directly to one another. If you don't want the ties to show, use thinner ones or green ones that the vine's foliage can hide.

Favorite sprawling vines include climbing roses (if thorny, the thorns may prove nominally helpful in grabbing and staying on the support) and jasmine.

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