Seeding and Sodding Adding the Grass

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Whether you're starting with a new lawn or trying to improve an already-existing lawn, the grass is the real point and makes all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, having great grass isn't simply a matter of going to the store and buying grass seed.

You can choose from many types of grass seed, and the type you need depends on the climate you live in, the amount of light your yard receives, and whether you have any texture, color, and height preferences for your lawn. Some people like slow-growing grasses so they don't have to mow quite as often. Other people insist on having Kentucky bluegrass in their yards — regardless of whether they actually live in Kentucky. I cover many of the options available to you in the next few sections.

Some people even choose to have a lawn without grass. You can get out of planting grass by using clover or low-growing groundcovers like thyme or, in shady areas, moss. For more information on groundcovers, hop on over to Chapter 12.

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