Screening with roses

Why not have a living fence of roses? Wisely chosen and properly spaced, a screen of rosebushes can do everything you ask: block unsightly views (of a street, neighbor's yard, trashcan, or storage area); diminish noise; keep out intruders (hooray for thorns!); keep pets or children in (again, hooray for thorns!); or define a boundary. You get all this, plus the look is more informal, more colorful, and far prettier than any wooden or metal fence could hope to be!

Roses suitable for this screening job are easy to find. Recommended screen roses include Simplicity hedge roses (many colors), 'Bonica' (pink and white), 'Knock Out' (red, hot pink), any rugosa rose, and any of the very hardy 'Morden' shrub roses. If they're not specifically touted as screen roses, here's what to look for:

1 Dense growth habit: So they fill in and crowd out weeds

1 Thorniness: For safety and security

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