Put Up a Rubber Tire Swing

What would summer be without a tire swing? What would childhood be without one? Just make certain to choose a limb that's strong and far enough away from the trunk and everything else to allow for swinging (and not for

388 Part Vl: The Part of Tens smacking into things). Also make sure the rope you use is stout and that the knots around the tree limb and tire are very, very secure. A strong chain may be a better idea, with large metal hooks to hold. Have a kid help you decide how high off the ground the swing should be. (And remember to dump water out after a rain so mosquitoes and other bugs don't hang around.)

As with any swing, make sure that your kids know to play safely around the tire swing, and supervise them when they're using it. Check the rope or chain often to make sure it's still secure. Check the tree limb, as well — tire swing ropes have a habit of sawing through their tree limbs if used a lot.

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