Preventing laWn Weeds

Good news — in point of fact, ideal lawn conditions and ideal weed conditions are not exactly the same. So to try to get the upper hand, follow these tips:

1 Provide and then nurture good ground. Grass likes fertile, loose, middle-of-the-road soil, and many weeds do not. Weeds like poor, compacted soil. Some like it soggy; some like it parched. Any way you can nudge your lawn area toward the good and the moderate can help.

1 Mow often. This move chops off the weeds at the knees. In particular, you want to the thwart the development of flowers (and definitely the seeds or seed heads that follow — that's how weeds love to reproduce).

1 Mow at the right height. If you scalp your lawn grass too short, weed seeds and seedlings suddenly get the light they need to grow. Longer is better, in this case. The grass will shade them out.

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