Preparing Yourself And Your Garden for Planting

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant

"Well, 'Roger vranied io design ihe garden, and o£ course I knevr he vras a paleon-bologis-b, bui I had no idea..."

MS eady to do some gardening? Even if you don't think W % you're ready to get your hands dirty (or if you're not sure), the chapters in Part I can help you get started. These chapters give you an overview of the gardening process. They show you how to set up everything for your dream garden and generally arm you with the knowledge vital to successful gardening — which plants you can grow in your area and what they need to thrive, how best to take advantage of the gardening space you have, and how to design the right plans and acquire the right tools to make your garden a reality.

Chapter 1

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