Planting Herbs A Lesson in Adaptation

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When you're planting your herbs, there are no hard or fast rules, folks! Herbs are wonderfully versatile and flexible, and as I tell you at the beginning of the chapter, herbs come in a huge variety of annual and perennial types of plants.

The main thing to do is to pay attention to the type of herb you're trying to plant: Is it an annual? A perennial? Fast growing? Slow growing? Is it an invasive plant, like mint, or does it get along well with other plants? These considerations are important before you start adding herbs to your garden — and probably even before you acquire the herbs themselves! Do you research beforehand: Ask your gardening friends or the staff at the local nursery, or consult Herb Gardening For Dummies, to find out more about the growing habits of certain herbs.

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Herbs 101

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