An awful lot of hose accessories are out there. Rarely are they expensive, so you can give one a try and see how you, and your plants, like it. Here are some of the common ones; they all screw onto the end of a standard hose:

i Watering wand: This gadget extends your reach for watering hanging baskets or irrigating the back of a deep flowerbed. The rose, or head, at the end of the wand delivers the water in a gentle, drenching spray. The watering wand is also nice for watering potted plants and seedlings if you keep the water pressure low so you don't dislodge the little plants. Get a wand with a thumb-operated on-off valve so you can move from plant to plant without wetting things you don't mean to or wasting water.

i Jet-spray nozzle: Usually brass, this tool focuses water into a strong, stiff spray. It's ideal for hosing off muddy tools and boots or cleaning a walkway or driveway.

i Adjustable round nozzle: A refinement of the jet-spray nozzle, this nozzle can also deliver a softer spray right on down to a mist — all by twisting it until the water is coming out the way you want.

i Misting head: Though small, this tool can be a bit pricier because it usually comes in brass or brass-coated die-cast metal. It delivers water in a fine mist, nice for little emerging seedlings.

i Pistol-grip nozzle: Usually made of tough, UV-resistant plastic, this nozzle is a favorite among gardeners because you can vary the intensity of the spray by applying pressure to the trigger and thus use it throughout your garden.

i Fan head: This tool delivers a drenching sweep of water from its broad, broom-head-like end, making it a good choice for bigger watering projects like irrigating a newly planted shrub or rosebush.

i Multiple-head nozzle: These nozzles are showing up more frequently on the market. They have several types of nozzles built into one head and are quite handy.

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