Not just for Arbor Day Deciding when to plant your tree

The best time to plant trees is spring. New, young plants are surging into growth and — assuming you plant your new tree or trees in a good spot and with care — are full of energy for the months ahead. In other words, spring planting corresponds favorably to a tree's metabolic cycle. Roots can grow, and the tree can settle in. A tree's a big plant, after all, and it needs all the time it can get to adjust to its new home.

Fall planting is the second choice. Fall may be the first preference for gardeners in parts of the country having a very early hot spring and summer. Fall is also ideal for transplanting if you live in an area where the weather is cool and damp. Do be sure to plant early in the fall so the trees have a chance to become established before very cold weather moves in and the ground begins to freeze.

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