Mini Gardens and Microcosms Gardening in Containers

In This Chapter

^ Looking at different containers ^ Choosing your soil mix ^ Picking out the right plants ^ Grouping containers ^ Caring for your miniature gardens

MS aising plants in containers is quite possibly one of the most satisfying W %and fun types of gardening. It's so easy — all you do is supply the right soil and water and fertilize as needed. And the show is perfectly versatile and portable! You can move pots around to capture more sun, to join a grouped display, or to decorate front steps, a back patio, or a tabletop. You can even use potted plants to inject color or interest in your in-ground displays. With a variety of containers, some attractive and colorful plants, and a dash of creativity, you can really boost your home and garden's interest and appeal.

I cover the basics of container gardening in this chapter. If you want a lot of detail about container gardening, I recommend reading Container Gardening For Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.).

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