Looking at Perennials the Repeat Performers

The broadest definition of a perennial plant simply states that it's a herbaceous, or non-woody, plant — as opposed to, say, a shrub or tree (see Chapter 11) — that last a couple years or more. Perennials, like lilies and daffodils, can be bulbs (Chapter 8 contains info on bulbs). Herbaceous perennials are plants that have foliage that dies back to the ground, and new foliage and shoots sprout from their overwintering roots next spring.

Perennial plants are a wonderfully varied group, quite possibly the most varied group a gardener can work with. No matter where you live and what your growing conditions are (climate, soil type, sun or shade), you have plenty of plants to choose from. So which perennials should you include in your garden? Start off by knowing which general group can work best for you: hardy perennials or tender perennials.

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