Installing and Filling Your Pond

Here are some steps to take when building a simple pond, with out all the bells and whistles of bottom drains and fancy filtration systems. If you want these items, I suggest talking with a water garden or pond specialist, or a contractor:

  1. Before digging your pond, have a plan where you are going to put the soil you remove. You could add it to raised beds in your vegetable garden or use it to add height to a waterfall you want to have on one of the end of your pond.
  2. Dig with whatever shovel you are comfortable. One that is long handled will be easier on your back. If the job is a larger one you might consider hiring a contractor with a backhoe to do the heavy work.
  3. After the pond has been dug (and earthen shelves have been left for your water plants), put down a layer of about two inches of sand. This will serve as protection for the liner from rocks or roots that might be jutting up. Most people then add an underlayment material which further protects and cushions the liner.
  4. Now lay down the liner. You may need a few people to help you with this because ones of any size are quite heavy.
  5. Secure the edges of the liner with rock or brick and begin filling it with a hose. If it is a very large pond you may have to call a company that specializes in providing large quantities of water for swimming pools.
  6. Once the pond is filled you can trim of the excess liner with a sharp knife. Use flat stones to create an edge or coping around the pond.
  7. Let the water settle for few days and then put in your plants. Try not to step into the pond, but if you have to, do it wearing only socks on your feet, so you don't damage the liner.

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