Growing Perennials Plants That Make a Comeback

In This Chapter

  • Examining perennials ^ Designing a perennial garden ^ Getting perennials of your own ^ Putting plants in the ground for the long haul ^ Keeping perennials happy
  • erennials are flowering plants that are meant to last — several years, at * least, and sometimes much longer. So ideally, they're a wise and practical "one-time investment," unlike the annuals you have to buy and replant every year; therein lies their great appeal and value.

Yes, you may have detected a note of hedging. Perhaps you've even heard the old gardener's joke: "A perennial is a plant that had it lived, would've bloomed year after year." After you go to the effort of acquainting yourself with handsome perennials and bringing them home, you sure don't want them to totally miss the boat and turn out to be expensive annuals!

Don't worry. Get your perennials off on the right foot and give them the care they need to thrive (it's perfectly easy), and you won't be disappointed; you'll be thrilled. This chapter can arm you with the basics so you can be a successful and happy perennial gardener!

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