Getting into the Zone Your Gardens Zone

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^ Deciphering hardiness zones ^ Growing in seasonal frost zones ^ Cheating zones and growing seasons ewcomers to gardening are often baffled by all the talk of zones in gardening magazines, books, catalogs, and plant labels. These beginners often hear more-experienced gardeners, garden center staffers, and professional landscapers tossing around zone terms and numbers as well. You may sense that this zone business is some kind of secret code or language that's hard to remember or tricky to understand. It's not. It's really a simple (if generalized) system for describing climate so you can figure out whether a plant ought to be able to grow where you live.

Most plants grow best in roughly the same temperatures and humidity that human beings enjoy, but some plants like it cooler, some warmer. This chapter helps you to know and navigate the zones so you can put the information to use and pick out the right plants as you plan or add to your garden.

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