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^ Looking at veggies and vegetable-garden fruits ^ Getting seeds and transplants ^ Preparing your bed, sowing seeds, and planting ^ Making safe compost for edibles and feeding your food ^ Supporting vegetable plants ^ Keeping pests away or the cost of a packet of seeds, you can have your own, homegrown produce. The requirements are simple: good soil, moisture, and full sun. This type of gardening is usually called vegetable gardening, even though it also involves growing items that are technically fruit, such as tomatoes and melons (Chapter 15 can fill you in on growing traditional fruits and berries). Growing your own produce — or vegetables, as it were — can be fun and fairly easy for the beginner gardener. This chapter gives you the basics. If you want even more information, please check out Vegetable Gardening For Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.).

If you're new to vegetable gardening, you may have a vague sense that it's complicated — seeds to start indoors and other things to sow outside or plant right into the ground; garden layouts that deliver the best results somehow; weird insect pests; and the mysteries of harvesting — When? How? Should you cure (dry the harvest)? Relax. Start small, taste success, and let your knowledge and triumphs grow from one year to the next.

Growing your own veggies really isn't and shouldn't be about saving money — though you may, even after factoring in your labor. It's about freshness (and thus nutrition; freshly-harvested vegetables are always nutritionally superior to anything you buy at a supermarket — even at your local farmer's market). And it's about flavor — oh boy, is it about flavor!

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Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic Vegetable Gardening

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