Dwarf needled evergreens

You can look into a whole class of evergreens called dwarf evergreens or dwarf conifers that are worth considering, especially if your yard is small. These trees often range from tiny little 6-inch tufts to knee-high miniature trees. If you have the space and the inclination, a grouping of dwarf evergreens, perhaps coupled with some judiciously placed rocks, can make a splendid display. Dwarf evergreens also make nice hedges, boundary plantings, foundation plantings, and path side edgings.

Note: Dwarf can also mean small in relation to the regular tree of its type; a dwarf white pine (depending on the variety) may grow to 15 feet tall, which is, in fact, dwarfed by a regular white pine, which can grow 80 to 100 feet tall! That may not quite what you have in mind when you see that cute plant in a one-gallon pot. Read the label.

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