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^ Examining rose types ^ Deciding what you want your roses to do ^ Purchasing and planting roses ^ Giving the plants the care they need hat can roses do for you? Just about anything (well, anything becom-▼ ▼ ing to a plant). They're long-lived plants, they deliver plentiful and gorgeous color, and you get to pick your own bouquets to enjoy indoors (or give away to your dazzled friends!). And many of them are deliciously, seductively scented. The color pages of this book contain some beautiful

Of course roses are beautiful — in fact, roses, a traditional symbol of beauty, are arguably the most gorgeous blossoms that exist! They certainly look wonderful in a corsage or vase. There, you can't help but admire their form and notice that they're fairly long-lasting off the bush. But here's a secret gardeners know: There's so much more to roses — different flower forms, different colors, different scents (some are quite fragrant, others are fruity or spicy), and even different plant forms.

All this can be yours — really! This chapter tells you what you need to know about choosing, planting, and caring for roses. Some information about roses is beyond the scope of this book, so I recommend picking up Roses For Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.) if you just can't get enough of roses. There's nothing quite like enjoying the pride and pleasure of your very own!

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