Bubblers and fountains

For many people, a fountain or a bubbler is an essential part of a water garden. These items work like this: A small, submerged pump circulates water up through plastic tubing into the fountain or bubbler, which returns it to a catch basin. From there, the water's routed and pumped back up through the tubing.

A fountain, of course, sprays water up into the air, whereas bubblers cause water to simply gurgle out, not spray up. Bubblers create a sound like a stream and don't generally need as powerful of a pump as fountains require because the water is not lifted as high. Water-garden suppliers, home and garden centers, and mail-order suppliers offer an amazing array of choices. For perhaps more stylish or customized fountains, search on the Internet or prowl arts and crafts shows. The pump and tubing generally come with it, so you don't have to bother with power and capacity calculations.

For fountains, height and shape (from a gentle, misty fan to a towering spurt) is determined not only by the power of the pump but also by the nozzle on the fountain's head. Often the same fountain can be fitted with a variety of nozzles, so examine your options carefully.

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