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master gardener

This certifies recognition of the volunteer service performed within UI's Idaho Master Gardener program.

Idaho Master Gardeners receive training from UI educators in solving and giving advice on yard, garden, and houseplant problems. Volunteer service within the UI program is performed by Idaho Master Gardeners in various ways (e.g., Master Gardener clinics, assistance in a county extension office, speaking to groups, plant problem consultations by telephone, and other methods arranged with UI Extension staff members).

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Charlotte V. Eberlein, Director University of Idaho Extension

Directions for claiming deductions: List the amount you claim as a deduction in Schedule A under "Contributions" (other than cash). This statement certifies that you have performed volunteer service. File this statement with your records. You should also keep a record of when and where your service was performed. Keep a record of mileage (read tax instructions to determine how many cents per mile is allowed). You may also list supplies you purchased and used within the Idaho Master Gardener program. Keep this information with your records to verify your deductions in case your tax return is audited.

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master gardener

  1. Divisions of Plant Sciences 2
  2. Divisions of Botany 2
  3. Plant Classification 2
  4. Plant Groups and Sub-Groups 2
  5. Family 2
  6. Genus 3
  7. Species 3
  8. Variety, Cultivar, and Hybrid 3
  9. Nomenclature 3
  10. Plant Classification According 3 to Life Cycle
  11. Annuals 4
  12. Biennials 4
  13. Perennials 4 V. Plant Parts and Their Functions 4
  14. Vegetable Parts 4
  15. Sexual Reproductive Parts 10
  16. How Plants Grow 14 Further Reading 16

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