Position Description

Purpose of the Idaho Master Gardener Program

To extend horticultural education through trained and certified volunteers.

Brief Description of Idaho Master Gardener Responsibilities

Volunteers answer questions in person and over the telephone about vegetable gardening, fruit trees, ornamentals, lawns, insects, and other related home horticultural topics. They also assist with public horticultural projects in the community. Volunteers may assist in the preparation of home horticulture classes.


  • Applicant should have an interest and some knowledge or skills in basic gardening, ornamental horticulture, or general plant-related topics.
  • Applicant should be able to communicate effectively with the public.
  • Applicant must be available to participate in the Idaho Master Gardener classroom training (a minimum of 30 hours).
  • Applicant must be available to complete an additional (minimum of 30 hours) of hands-on practicum training during the spring and summer (April through September). At least part of this hands-on training must be spent at the UI Extension office.
  • Applicant is responsible to the UI Extension educator-in-charge of the Idaho Master Gardener Program. All outside project work must be approved first with the educator-in-charge to receive Idaho Master Gardener credit.
  • Applicant must follow University of Idaho horticultural recommendations and cooperate with the county's UI Extension staff.
  • Applicant must meet all requirements for certification. Supervision
  • The UI Extension educator-in-charge of the Idaho Master Gardener Program provides supervision and educational support to the volunteer Idaho Master Gardener.
  • The UI Extension educator will assign, review, and assess hands-on practicum work for the Idaho Master Gardener trainee, or advanced volunteer.
  • The UI Extension educator will provide in-service training, furnish space, and other needed support materials when the Idaho Master Gardener volunteer works in the UI Extension office.

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