Opportunity Contract

Return this form to the UI Extension Office in your county.

I wish to become a University of Idaho Extension Idaho Master Gardener. I understand I must complete the classroom instruction, finish all quizzes and exams, complete all lab work, and complete volunteer hands-on training to become certified. I realize that part of my hands-on training hours must be spent at the UI Extension office. I also understand that I can sign up for more than one hands-on project and volunteer more than the required number of hours.

If I am accepted as an Idaho Master Gardener trainee, I will abide by all regulations and recommendations of University of Idaho Extension. I agree to give University of Idaho pest control recommendations even if they include synthetic chemical pesticides.

I understand that as an Idaho Master Gardener, I am considered a volunteer representative of the University of Idaho. Therefore, the University of Idaho will assume liability for my pest control recommendations, but only if my recommendations are limited to control measures that are approved by the University of Idaho for home and garden use and listed in UI Extension publications.

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