Further Reading Books

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Booklets and Pamphlets

CIS 1041 Conducting Your Own Garden Research ($2.00)

To order University of Idaho publications, contact your county's UI Extension office, or write Publications, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 838442240, call (208) 885-7982, fax (208) 885-4648, or email [email protected]. Idaho residents add 6 percent sales tax. Also check, and in some cases download, the online publication and video catalog on the UI Educational Communications website (http://info.ag.uidaho.edu).


master gardener

I. Sexual Propagation 2

A. Seed 2

  1. Germination 2
  2. Methods of Breaking Dormancy 4
  3. Starting Seeds 5
  4. Transplanting and Handling 8
  5. Asexual Propagation 9
  6. Cuttings 9
  7. Layering 12
  8. Division 14
  9. Grafting 14
  10. Budding 16
  11. Plant Tissue Culture 17

Further Reading 17

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