master gardener

I would like to be considered for University of Idaho Extension's Idaho Master Gardener Training Program. I understand that if accepted into the Idaho Master Gardener Program, I am required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of training (30 classroom and 30 hands-on). This training must be completed by October 1 of the current year unless prearranged with the UI Extension educator in charge.

Participants not able to complete 30 hours of volunteer service should not sign up for the Idaho Master Gardener Program.

Name (please print)_ Date

Signature _ Date _

How did you learn about the UI Extension Idaho Master Gardener Program?

Years of gardening experience?_ Where else have you gardened before moving here?

Have you ever been in a Master Gardener Program in Idaho or another state? Q Yes Q No If yes, indicate where and year(s).

Please list all horticultural schooling you have received (school, topics, and dates, if possible).

Please list your areas of specialization or interest (vegetables, roses, greenhouse, herbs, etc.).

Are you affiliated with any gardening clubs or horticulture-related groups? If so, please list.


Why do you wish to become an Idaho Master Gardener?

What do you expect from this class?

How might you use your volunteer time to help others in the community?

How would you rate your "people skills" (ability to work with others)?

How would you rate your gardening skills?

Are you knowledgeable in growing any of the following? Please check.

  • House plants □ Herbs □ Turf
  • Vegetables □ Annual flowers □ Shrubs
  • Tree fruits □ Perennial flowers □ Ground covers
  • Berries □ Ornamental trees □ Other (specify)_

How do you receive garden information? Please check.

  • Garden magazines □ Nursery/garden center personnel □ Family/friends/neighbors
  • Newspaper articles □ University/college professors □ Garden clubs
  • Extension bulletins □ Extension office staff □ Master Gardeners at extension office
  • TV/cable stations □ Radio stations □ Garden websites/computer programs

Are you employed now? □ Yes □ No □ Full-time? □ Part-time?

Are you retired? □ Yes □ No Semi-retired? □ Yes □ No

Check the skills you are good at:

  • Public speaking □ Artistic
  • Teaching □ Photography
  • Writing □ Manual labor
  • Computing/webmaster □ Marketing/media work
  • Typing, filing □ Other (specify)

I would like to take this class for □ Academic credit (+ fee)

□ Continuing Education Units (CEU + fee)

Return this form to the 1

University of Idaho Extension Office in your county ■ Chapter 1, The Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook-

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